Friday, October 7, 2011

Spidey Sketch

I drew this Spidey after reading a Hellboy graphic novel. This isn't exactly Mignola-style art, but it's someone influenced by it. Just felt like drawing and this is what happened. I kinda like it.

My Sister-In-Law...the Casserole

I walked up to my wife, Shelley, the other night and said, "You won't believe the dream I had last night." She responded with, "Oh yeah! I dreamed that Lesley (my sister-in-law) was a casserole!" Her dream won, clearly, no matter WHAT my dream was! I got the details of this living casserole and the drawing is below. She said that one moment it was Lesley, and the next, it was a 2-sided casserole with googly eyes and wheels turned up on it's sides. It wasn't sentient. Shelley had no problem with her sister being a casserole on wheels, but she was distressed that someone had eaten part of it! Weird dreams are the best!

"Bad Guys doing Good Things" 4after5 Jam Comic

So, Jeff (of 4after5 art collective fame) came up with the great idea of drawing bad guys doing good things. I loved the theme so much I drew 2 ideas. Check 'em out below. I'll post the other guys' "Bad Guys" when everyone finishes theirs ...ehem....Jeremy...